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Guest Feature: Taking Cover
Jamie Dailey, a viewpoint writer for The Cavalier Daily shares his take on "Don't Ask Don't Tell" concluding, "“Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” is an antiquated, discriminatory military policy."

Guest Feature: Not Coming Out
Ace Baxter shares why one can't always come out - and asks for your input. An except: Most people have a distinct memory of ‘finding out they were gay’ which I never had…I never really ‘found out’. I realize that’s odd, but so are most things until you understand them. I honestly believe that everything is possible, I always did, so when I heard stories where mommies and daddies loved each other, I never once doubted that mommies and mommies, or vice versa daddies and daddies could be together. I mean really, why not? As I grew up my thinking obviously did too, but the basics stayed the same. As a great person once said: I’m attracted to people, not genders.

A Birthday Story
The Mistress gets a most pleasurable birthday gift from Her girl.

The Conference
An unexpected treat awaits two women at a work related conference.

A Gay Manifesto (for straight people)
Michael Robin Cooke shares his thoughts on the best ways for heterosexuals to not put their foot in their mouth when speaking to gays and lesbians.  The piece is skewed a bit in the direction of gay males but bears some relevance to all, with only a few places open quibbling. 

Open Letter to Elton John
Christina Rosetti, founder of USvBush, shares her thoughts about Elton's performance with Eminem.

A poem from Rene' DanielleTreece.

What is the Future of Scouting?
A look at what scouting must do to survive - and it won't be "as is."

Loving vs. Virginia: Its Application
An excellent look at how Loving vs. Virginia applies to the right of same-sex marriage by Richard Harrold, a journalist from central Michigan who covers the courts and legal issues.

The Westboro Baptist Church: It’s Just About Hate
David Riley shares some more thoughts with us.

Government by Michelle McGee
A poem.

The Flock by Michelle McGee
A poem.

Patricia Nell Warren: How Real is Our Sense of History?
A powerful and informative essay by Ms. Warren which puts our history in context.

Sodomy Laws by Patricia Nell Warren
Ms. Warren asks and answers, "Does it really prevent AIDS?" (She's also the author of three of the greatest all time g/l books - take a look at the reading list)

Elephant Graveyards: Gay Aging and Gay Ageism in the Year 2000

Patricia Nell Warren shares her thoughts on one of the GLBT community's problem "isms." Originally published in OutWord Magazine (11/99) and reprinted with permission. 

Out as you wanna be
An article by Genora Dancel, lead Plaintiff in the Hawaii Marriage Case, about coming out.

Gays In the Military
Franklin E. Kameny takes a hard look at how we're hurting our own chances with our legal approaches in these cases.

Spin Me Round
A short story by Susan Boxer - or is it a story?

One Church Tries to Find the Middle Way: Not Quite Straight, Not That Gay
David Riley shares his experiences with the Episcopal Church and their search for an inclusiveness that does not divide.

Special Report: Male to Female is Female
The best piece I've ever seen written regarding Gender dysphoria by one who has been there, and is now here.



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